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New Hazardous Substance Reporting Requirements

Do you have any substances that require a material safety data sheet (MSDS) at any of your facilities? Has the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) previously notified you that you are required to report hazardous substances to their office? If not, you have not been subject to OSFM reporting requirements.

The law is about to change. The 1999 Legislature passed House Bill 2431 amending the Oregon Community Right to Know Protection Act. Under the new law, on December 31, 2000, businesses that previously were not required to report will now be required to notify OSFM if at any time in any of your facilities you have a hazardous substance present in one of the quantities listed below.

Any Substance for Which an MSDS is Required
Liquids: 50 gallons or more
Solids: 500 pounds or more
Liquefied or Compresses Gases: 200 cubic feet or more

Poisons or Explosives
Liquids: 5 gallons or more
Solids: 10 pounds or more
Liquefied or Compressed Gases: 20 cubic feet or more

Any Quantity of a Non-Sealed Source of Radioactive Material

According to State Fire Marshal Glen Adreassen, the reason for the new legislation is "to provide emergency planners, emergency responders and the public with information about hazardous substances that are present within our communities."

If your facilities are already required to report, you are not affected by the change.

To report substances or if you have questions about hazardous substance reporting requirements, you can call the Office of State Fire Marshall Hazardous Substance Information Hotline at 503-378-6835.

When calling to report substances, you will be asked for the following information:
- company name
- site address
- county
- mailing address (if different)
- name of contact person
- title of contact person
- phone number
- responding fire department
- type of business

The OFSM will then send you a Hazardous Substance Information Survey for you to complete and return. OFSM says this may take one to six months, depending on your location in the state.

Once again, for more information call the Hotline at 503-378-6835 or visit OSFM's web site at:

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