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9 Tips For Reviewing Employee Handbooks

Do you have an employee handbook? How long has it been since it has been reviewed?

Nine tips are set out in this article to help you review your current employee handbook.

1) Has your handbook been revised to reflect the latest changes in employment law? If it has been a year or more since your handbook has been reviewed for compliance with employment laws, you are overdue for a legal review.

2) Do you use employee arbitration agreements to keep employment claims out of court? Fair arbitration agreements will be enforced by the courts. Your arbitration agreement, however, MUST be in a separate agreement and NOT part of your employee handbook.

3) Do you address recent workplace violence issues? If not, you should do so.

4) Are there any policies listed in the handbook that are now out-of-date? Your business may not operate as it did when you first adopted particular policies. Your handbook should evolve with your business. Revise any policies which are out-of-date.

5) Have any policies interfered in any way with your operations? If so, revise as necessary.

6) Have any policies lowered employee morale or productivity? You should always try to include appropriate background language in your policy statements. If any policies have reduced employee morale, you may want to fine-tune the language.

7) Have any policies been the subject of complaints, claims, law suits or threatened litigation? If so, you should sit down and discuss those particular policies with your legal counsel in detail.

8) Are there any policies that have not been enforced uniformly or consistently? If so, you should discuss enforcement of those policies or revise the policies.

9) Are there any "unwritten" policies or procedures in your organization? If so, those unwritten rules should be documented.

We can help you with your employee handbook review. In less than two weeks we can prepare a custom, up-to-date employee handbook for you that complies with the latest employment rules and decisions, preserves your right to change or deviate from your handbook's policies and preserves your ability to handle employment problems as the situation may require. The cost is only $595. It can cost you more than this just to have your staff type a new handbook.

So that you can be sure that your employee handbook is always up-to-date, we will track the custom provisions in your handbook for you. Then, each year, we will offer you an updated handbook that complies with the latest employment law changes and adopts the latest preventative legal strategies for employers while retaining all of the custom provisions that are unique to your organization.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you develop and maintain an effective and up-to-date employee handbook.

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