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Do You Want to Hire a Registered Sex Offender?

Tragic details of recent crimes committed by convicted sex offenders have caused many to ask whether they live next to a registered sex offender. Oregon authorities report they have been swamped with requests for the Oregon sex offender list.

Do you want to hire a registered sex offender? It is easy to think of nightmare scenarios where an employee, an employee's family member or a customer is attacked or killed by a convicted sex offender you hired without knowledge of their offender status. What would this do to your business?

Oregon has a very cumbersome method of listing registered sex offenders. Lists are distributed by one zip code at a time. With the help of a number of volunteers willing to call the state, we have accumulated the Oregon State Police's lists of registered sex offenders for the Eugene and Springfield zip codes. If you would like a copy of this compiled list, click on Employer Downloads on the navigation bar to the right, go to Employer Downloads and click on the sex offender file name to download.

Please be aware the lists we received from the Oregon State Police were no doubt out of date by the time they were received. A safer approach is to investigate the backgrounds of all applicants you decide to hire. If you would like, we have the ability to help you perform background searches and criminal history searches.

Your business law and employment law questions are welcome at any time. Simply call or email at your convenience. You can find my contact information listed below.

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