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New Year - New Employment Posters

With the new year, Oregon requires employers to post two new employment posters. We combined both of those posters into one file that you can download from the website at the link discussed below.
As discussed in the post above, the Oregon minimum wage increased January 1, 2007. As a result, Oregon requires that you post new minimum wage posters in both English and Spanish. You can obtain a free copy of both of these posters by downloading our new posters file.
If you have the posters we provided last year, the two posters discussed above are the only additional posters that you need. Simply replace the old minimum wage poster with the new English and Spanish posters.
 If you are not sure if you are displaying the correct posters or if you have not previously obtained a copy of our free Employment Poster Package, an article on the posters required and a copy of each of the mandated posters can be found at our Client Downloads page.
 Employers outside Oregon should check with your local state governments for a similar list of state posters and notices. You can begin your search at You can, however, use the federal posters we assembled.
It is easy to violate state and federal employment poster requirements. Mistakes can be costly. Use the list we provide in the article described above and display the two new Oregon posters to make sure that you are in compliance.

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