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Simple Receipts - Complex Lawsuit

Do you print receipts for your clients or customers? Do your receipts include credit card expiration dates? If so, change them immediately!

A customer sued a store in Pennsylvania for including her credit card expiration date on her receipt. She claimed that this violated the Federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act.

Was she the victim of identity theft? No. Did she suffer any harm or loss of any kind? No. Did the store intentionally or willfully violate the law? No.

A customer used a VISA card to make a purchase at a store. The store gave her a receipt which included four digits from her credit card number and the card’s expiration date. By doing this, the U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania ruled the customer suffered an injury even though there was no harm. The customer was allowed to bring suit.

A vendor of credit card machines told me that many systems allow the user to control what is printed. Merchants can turn on and off printing of certain information. If your credit card or point of sale system prints credit card expiration dates, then change the information that is printed immediately.

Not only is there the Federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, but there is now an Oregon statute as well. Other states may have similar legislation. Take action to prevent problems before action is taken against you.

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