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Dress Code Issues?

Do you have employees who fail to dress professionally?

Inappropriate and even offensive attire is a huge problem in the American workplace. We get called all the time about employees showing too much skin, dressing too casually, displaying piercings, tattoos & “body modifications,” wearing t-shirts with suggestive or offensive messages and even failing to follow basic grooming practices.

Inappropriate attire can affect the way customers view your business, increase safety risks, disrupt the workplace and even result in sexual harassment suits.

Today, there was an interesting article on the subject from an unlikely source. If you missed Dear Abby this morning, you should check out the column Keep dress professional in workplace. You can read a copy of this article by clicking here.

We have worked carefully with a number of clients to draft very specific dress code policies. If you have not done so, think through what is appropriate and inappropriate for your workplace. Don’t be afraid to have different provisions for men and women. When appropriate, courts have enforced differing standards. Then, turn your thoughts into a comprehensive, enforceable dress code policy.

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