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Is Your Employee Handbook Up To Date?

In the last five years alone, we have made 100’s of revisions to the employee handbooks we maintain for clients. These changes were made necessary by changes in state and federal laws, recent workplace problems, societal changes and changes in technology.

Have you kept up with these changes? Look at the handbook changes we have made and decide for yourself.

You can use lists of handbook changes we have made each year since 2005 as your guide. These lists can be found in the two special reports listed below.

            Employee Handbook Revisions 2005 to 2008 

            Crucial Employee Handbook Updates for 2009 

Employee handbooks, done right, can be a great tool for preventing employer liability claims. On the other hand, a handbook with out-of-date or inadvisable provisions can cost you dearly.

If you have questions about your employee manual, we would love to tell you about our handbook system and our annual handbook updates. We keep track of changes in employment laws so you do not have to.

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