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Don't Choke on New Gag Rule - Part 1

Effective the start of this year, a new gag rule prohibits Oregon employers of all sizes from requiring employees to attend meetings where you share your religious or political opinions (code phrase for anti-union opinions). As will be discussed in a future LegalBrief, this law can cause more problems than you may realize.

New Poster Required

This new law, S.B. 519, also requires all Oregon employers to post a new notice for employees. The State of Oregon, for whatever reason, has chosen not to publish this new poster. This however does not absolve you from the statute’s notice requirements. You must still display a notice.

We are looking out for you and created our own gag rule poster you can download and use at no charge.

You may ask why hasn’t the state published a gag rule poster? After all, they have created every other poster required by Oregon employment laws. Is the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) conspiring with its union friends to create a trap for Oregon employers? We have no idea.

You may download our gag rule poster for free at the link below. Please remember this poster is our best effort to create a notice that complies with Oregon’s new statute. There has been no governmental approval of this or any other gag rule poster.

You also will find a link to a special report on all of the other state and federal posters (based on number of employees and other factors) that you are required to display. All of the 2010 employment posters are included for free.

New Oregon Gag Rule Poster – FREE

2010 Employment Posters – FREE

Display the gag rule poster and all other employment posters where you normally display employment law notices.

This information and the included posters are published as an educational service by Alan Thayer and Innovative Law Group.

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