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14 Stupid Teenage Tricks

You, like other LegalBrief readers, may be a business owner, manager or supervisor. You may also be a parent. Some of the people you supervise are no doubt parents. Today’s kids are your future employees.

These are three good reasons to stay current on teenage trends. Here are 14 trends that should worry every parent, supervisor and employer.

The first 11 dangerous trends are listed below. Even the harmless sounding “planking” has resulted in injuries and at lease one reported death.

1)  Planking (injures and death have been reported).

2)  Vodka Eyeballing

3)  Choking (most recent death occurred last weekend. Colorado 9th Grader Dies.

4)  Vodka Gummy Bears

5) Smoking Smarties

6)  Tampon Drunkenness

7)  Distilling Hand Sanitizer

8)  Car Surfing

9)  Purple Drink


11)  Bath Salts

More information can be found at Parents Beware: 11 Dangerous Teenage Trends All Parents Should Know About.


To this list, add three more.

12)  Souping

Drinking expired soup to get high.


13)  Trampolining

You can go to the Urban Dictionary for a definition of this trend. Both this trend and the “Silly Bandz” bracelets that can be “earned” are concerning.


14)  Cinnamon Challenge

A YouTube challenge where people post videos of themselves trying to swallow a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in less than a minute without drinking anything. Cinnamon overdose has resulted in emergency room visits, hospitalization and long lasting lung problems. See Why kids should avoid taking the cinnamon challenge.

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