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Neutral Arbiter or Union Lackey


LegalBriefs articles have question whether the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has exceeded its mandate to be a neutral arbiter of issues between employers and labor unions. Now, a federal judge has accused the NLRB of “serving as the litigation arm of [a union] and a co-participant in the ongoing organization effort of [that union].”

Prior LegalBrief articles commented on how the NLRB board has adopted one-sided rules without authority. Rules, incidentally, which were later overruled by the Court. Time will tell whether the NLRB will re-adopt those rules.

Now, we have a court questioning whether the NLRB is moving from its impartial investigation and enforcement functions and is now merely a union advocate. The Washington Free Beacon has written about this opinion in the article at the link below.

Court: NLRB is Acting Like a Union Subsidiary

In the meantime, all employers, whether your employees are represented by a union or not, must pay attention to NLRB rules and actions.

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