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 Meet Alan Thayer

 Alan (left) recognized for 6 years of service representing Oregon businesses on the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
board of directors

Alan Thayer is a business lawyer and a founder of Innovative Law Group, a Eugene, Oregon law firm committed to reinventing the way lawyers serve business.

Alan is a Pacific Northwest native. He grew up in small logging towns in Northwestern Oregon and Southwestern Washington, worked in the woods while attending college and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics in 1981 from Oregon State University.

His law school education was supplemented by the practical experience of clerking in the largest litigation department in Oregon. The combination was a success. He worked 35 to 70 hours a week, attended law school full time and graduated magna cum laude in 1985 from Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College.

After graduation, Alan began his career at the Hershner Hunter law firm in Eugene. At that time, they had the best broad-based business law training program in the state for new attorneys. While there, he worked on a wide variety of complex business litigation cases, including unfair competition, securities fraud, lender liability, class action, bankruptcy fraud and employment disputes.

Alan soon began to apply his litigation experience to the art of forming new businesses, business transactions, preventing employee disputes and general business counsel. In 1996, he merged his practice with that of respected Eugene business attorney Mark W. Perrin to form the Perrin & Thayer business law firm.

After Mark Perrin's retirement, Alan formed Innovative Law Group. The new firm began operations on January 1, 2008.

Alan has long been a business advocate. As a Junior in college, he founded a Chamber of Commerce to help his hometown transition from a natural resource economy to a diversified business base.

Recently, Alan represented the state of Oregon on the board of directors of the US Chamber of Commerce. He continues to serve as a founding member of the US Chamber's Small Business Council. Alan also serves on the board of directors and the executive committee for Associated Oregon Industries, the largest statewide business association in the United States and has been actively involved with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce.

In 1988, Alan was a delegate from the State of Oregon to a national presidential nominating convention. He remains active in local, state and Federal issues and campaigns and was founder and president of a local political action committee that brought young business people into the political process. Alan also works with a number of local organizations that seek to prevent and treat child abuse.

Alan continues to help business people solve problems and seize opportunities. He also looks for new ways to provide business people with legal information they need to take action. His free LegalBriefs email newsletter for business people is just one example of his innovative approach of providing legal services to his clients.

Why I Became a Lawyer
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