Employment Posters Guide

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Reinventing the Way Lawyers Serve Business


From its historical roots, to restrictions on lawyer advertising, to relatively recent hourly fees, law has evolved into a reactive, rather than a proactive profession. With 63% of corporate clients dissatisfied with their lawyers & 48% of lawyers dissatisfied with their careers, change is needed now.



Innovation is the cornerstone of our practice. Meeting your needs in a rapidly changing environment requires innovation. Change is normal. Advantages are temporary. Leading with innovation allows us to serve you in ways others have not yet considered.


“What Makes You So Innovative?”

This is a question we get asked all the time. With a name like ours, that’s a question we love to answer.

We also need to live up to our name. Look at our legal innovations for serving business at the links below. How do you think we are doing so far? Let us know.


 Client Service Innovations

How can lawyers serve you better? We have listed 21 different innovations from a secure, online extranet for sharing documents to flat fee billing procedures.

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 Innovations for Business Owners

Assisting business owners is a large part of our practice. In this article we outline special innovations designed just for you and your business needs.

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Innovations for Employers

As an employer, you can maximize your legal protections. Start by communicating your expectations to your workers while avoiding common mistakes made by other employers.

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Innovations for Fellow Attorneys

From free continuing legal education programs for fellow lawyers to joint ventures with mutual clients, see how we are innovative with our relationships with other lawyers.

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More innovations are on the way!