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 Client Service Innovations 


How are we reinventing the way lawyers service businesses? We have pioneered or championed the 21 service innovations below. More great ideas are on the way!


Document Assembly
We automate the drafting of complex, customized client documents. This improves accuracy and allows us to collaborate with you on provisions of strategic importance to you. 


Client Applications
Rather than simply draft form documents, we can create document assembly applications to meet your specific needs. Instead of simple text forms, you will be better protected with true document assembly software. Simply enter specific information to create a custom document each time on your own.


Online Minute Books
We may be the very first to offer secure, password protected, online minute books for corporations, partnerships & LLC’s. You have secure, password protected, anytime, anywhere access to your organization documents.


Online Estate Planning Documents
Clients appreciate our secure, password protected, anytime, anywhere access to their estate planning documents. Do you want your other advisors, personal representative, trustee or family members to be able to access these documents? It is easy to do. The choice is up to you.


Client Extranet
With our secure, password protected, online client extranet, we can collaborate with you on your matters. You will also have secure, anytime, anywhere client access to your documents. This can also a great way to exchange documents with other parties when buying or selling a business or working on other matters.




“Paper-less” Office
Every client document has been scanned as it enters our office since 1994. Our electronic document management system allows for efficient organization & retrieval of your information.

Continuous System-Wide Backups
Your information, including each and every scanned document, is automatically backed up to an off-site server as soon as the document is created or revised. This server is in turn backed up to other servers. Everything is encrypted. Everything is automatic.

Flat Fee Billing
Flat fees can be quoted for any matter. Standard flat fees apply to employee handbooks, employment forms, incorporations, LLC organizations, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, estate planning, construction agreements, etc...

We provide cutting-edge client & market education. We also provide continuing legal education programs to fellow attorneys.

24-7 Information Access
Secure, remote access to practice information helps our attorneys serve you anytime, anywhere.



No Copy & Fax Charges
Everyone hates nickel and dime charges. You will not be billed for routine copy and fax charges.





Secure Document Transfer
Our secure client extranet allows us to transfer documents to you in a way that is more secure than email, fax or regular mail. This also reduces paper consumption and the fuel and pollution caused by delivering paper copies.




Disaster Plan
State-of-the-art procedures protect and allow anytime, anywhere access to your information in the event of a firm or community disaster. Although regularly tested, hopefully there will never be a need to implement.

No File Room, No File Storage & No Paper Files
With electronic document management, there is no need to store or archive paper files. This is more convenient, saves paper and avoids the energy needed to heat and cool file storage areas.

Web 2.0 Strategy
These innovations are examples of our Web 2.0 strategy. How many attorneys even know what Web 2.0 is? Will they be ready for Web 3.0?



Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
We can not guarantee results. But if you are not satisfied for any reason, you owe us nothing. Click here for details.




Legal Network
We participate in a network of thousands of lawyers throughout the state, across the country & around the world. If we can not serve you, we can direct you to an expert who can.



Partnership With Other Attorneys
We share our innovative solutions with other attorneys. This experience helps us develop better solutions for our clients, thus inspiring future innovations.


Plain English Documents
Documents are drafted at an 8th grade reading level (continuing process). This can enhance the enforceability of your agreements. Consumers, employees & others will find it difficult to later claim “I did not understand what I was signing.”

Effective Communications
People are no longer willing to read long pages of single space type. Information and ideas can be communicated more vividly using effective design. Color, headlines, photographs, illustrations, captions, sidebars, bullet points, graphs, charts, etc. . . can all be used to convey ideas. Infographics, slide presentations, DVDs, streaming video, blogs, webcasts & podcasts can often be more effective at communicating legal concepts and information.


12-Month, 14-Point Follow-Up
You do not need to go it alone after we form your business entity. We will provide you with our exclusive free 12-month, 14-point follow-up program. This helps ensure that you realize the benefits you expect from the work you ask us to perform.


Innovations for Business Owners

Innovations for Employers

Innovations for Fellow Attorneys


More innovations are on the way!