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Innovations for Employers


The greatest legal risks facing businesses may be the risks that come with hiring employees. However, employers can take charge of their workplace with the innovations that follow.


Employee Handbook System
Customized employee handbooks, delivered in less than two weeks, with just two to three hours of your time, at a flat fee - guaranteed. Maximize your legal protections by communicating your expectations to your employees while avoiding common mistakes made by other employers.

Annual Handbook Updates
With accelerating technological, societal & legal changes, an outdated handbook can quickly go from a legal protection to a legal liability. Our information tracking system preserves your custom workplace provisions & requires just one to two hours of your time. We keep track of these changes for you.

Simple, Employee Friendly Language
Handbooks should protect employers without upsetting or scaring employees. Our simple, friendly & legally effective language is like no other.

Online Handbooks
Printed employee handbooks are so 2007. . . Customized handbooks using our system can now be delivered to your employees online. They will have 24/7 access to your policies - no excuses. You will be able to update those policies as desired throughout the year (no need to wait until you print new handbooks).

Spanish Handbooks
Do you have Hispanic workers? With our handbook system we can translate the basic system and annual updates once for everyone. Then it will be a simple matter to translate your custom provisions. This will be much more cost effective than you translating an entire handbook on your own.

At-Will Employment Agreements
There are legal protections you can implement only with an at-will employment agreement signed by every employee. Requiring each employee to sign a new agreement, however, can be disruptive and even breed resentment. We have found a simple, effective way to do this without upsetting your workforce. We have no idea why no one hasn’t thought of this before.



Comprehensive Employment Form System
Simply stated - employment forms for employers are terrible. They fail to implement legal strategies employers could be and should be using. Worse than that - too often they can actually help employees who may want to sue you. That is why we create a unique, integrated employment form system that can be customized to protect your business. It even coordinates with our employee handbook system.


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