Employment Posters Guide

Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.




Innovations for Fellow Attorneys


By sharing our innovative solutions with other lawyers, we serve our community and our profession. This experience also helps us develop better solutions for our clients, thus inspiring future innovations.


Free CLEs

We soon will be launching a series of free Continuing Legal Education CLE programs as a professional courtesy for fellow bar members. Attorneys will be able to download audio recordings with prominent Oregon lawyers anytime, anywhere. We believe CLE programs should be free.

Referral Fees
We appreciate the trust and confidence other attorneys display in us every time they refer their good clients to us. As part of that trust, we will not do any other work for that client without the referring attorney’s consent. Now, when a fellow Oregon lawyer refers an employee handbook, employment forms, incorporation, LLC organization, partnership agreement, buy-sell agreement, estate planning or construction agreement project to us, we will pay a referral fee to the referring attorney, as appropriate. Please note it may not be appropriate to pay a fee on conflict referrals.

Online Collaboration
When we serve as co-counsel on a matter with other attorneys, we can grant our co-counsel access to our secure, password protected, online client server. Everyone working on the matter can then share and organize documents and other information. This greatly improves the sharing of information and collaboration for the benefit of our mutual client. This is also a great way to collaborate with opposing counsel on transactions and other matters.



Law Office Employee Handbook
Most attorneys have employees but are not employment law experts. As a professional courtesy, we will prepare customized employee handbooks for fellow attorneys at a substantial professional courtesy discount.

Joint Ventures
We are willing to make our innovative client solutions available to other attorneys and their clients on a joint venture basis.



Client Service Innovations

Innovations for Business Owners

Innovations for Employers


More innovations are on the way!