Employment Posters Guide

Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.




Innovations for Business Owners


Owners of small businesses ARE the business. Although all of our innovations benefit our business owning clients, these six innovations may be of particular interest. 


Online Minute Books
We may be the very first to offer secure, password protected, online minute books for corporations, partnerships & LLC’s. You have secure, password protected, anytime, anywhere access to your organizational documents.

Online Estate Planning Documents
Business owners appreciate our secure, password protected, anytime, anywhere access to their estate planning documents. Do you want your other advisors, personal representative, trustee or family members to be able to access these documents? It is easy to do. The choice is up to you.

Client Extranet
With our secure, password protected, online client extranet, we can collaborate with you on your matters. You will also have secure, anytime, anywhere client access to your documents. This can also a great way to exchange documents with other parties when buying or selling a business or working on other matters.



Flat Fee Billing
Flat fees can be quoted for any matter. Standard flat fees apply to employee handbooks, employment forms, incorporations, LLC organizations, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, estate planning, construction agreements, etc...


We provide cutting-edge client & market education. We also provide continuing legal education programs to fellow attorneys.

12-Month, 14-Point Follow-Up
You do not need to go it alone after we form your business entity. We will provide you with our exclusive free 12-month, 14-point follow-up program. This helps ensure that you realize the benefits you expect from the work you ask us to perform.


Client Service Innovations

Innovations for Employers

Innovations for Fellow Attorneys


More innovations are on the way!