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Little Cameras -- Big Problem

Theft can be a terrible burden on small businesses, particularly retailers. You may be tempted to install hidden surveillance cameras. DON'T. At least don't do so without first consulting competent legal counsel.

Attorneys for employees have recently begun bringing lawsuits against employers for hidden surveillance cameras. The attention these cases are getting in the legal community will surely result in even more lawsuits. With trial attorneys on the lookout, you do not want to be the next defendant.

DON'T: Don't install hidden security cameras without competent legal counsel from an attorney in whose judgment you trust.

DO: Do consult with your attorney, your accountant and security experts on ways to reduce theft from employees, customers and intruders.

DO: Do consult with your attorney before installing security cameras in open view. He or she can advise you on the types of notices you should give to your employees and your visitors.

DO: Do consult with competent legal counsel and security experts if you are considering hidden surveillance for other security reasons. Some businesses consider hidden surveillance cameras to prevent drug use, drug transactions and other crimes on their premises. Whatever the reason, no matter how good the reason, you need competent counsel before you begin or continue surveillance.

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