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Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.

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Are You Displaying the Required Employment Posters?

You are required by State and Federal law to post certain employment posters. You can purchase the required posters from various services (and they do charge you for it) or we will send them to you for free. Directions on how to get free posters are set out in this article.

The posters you are required to display depend on the number of employees you have. Every Oregon employer must display at least two Federal posters, two state posters and two state notices at each of their locations. As the number of employees increase, additional posters are required to be displayed.

The required posters are:

One or More Employees
- Federal Minimum Wage Poster
- Federal Polygraph Protection Act Notice
- Oregon Minimum Wage Poster
- Oregon Safety and Health Poster
- Oregon Worker's Compensation Notice of Compliance*
- Employment Insurance Notice*

15 or More Employees
- (All of the posters listed above.)
- Federal "The Law" Poster

25 or More Employees
- (All of the posters listed above.)
- Oregon Family Leave Act Poster

50 or More Employees
- (All of the posters listed above.)
- Federal Family and Medical Leave Poster

OBTAINING POSTERS FOR FREE. We will provide Oregon employers with all of the posters they need, except the two marked with the * (Oregon Worker's Compensation Notice of Compliance and Employment Insurance Notice), for free. Simply send us an email with the number of employees you have and whether you want black and white or color posters. We will send the appropriate posters to you by email.

The Oregon Worker's Compensation Notice of Compliance is issued by the Oregon Workers' Compensation Division after it receives the "Guaranty Contract" from your worker's compensation insurance. You should receive this notice after purchasing your workers' compensation insurance. If you did not receive the notice or require a duplicate notice, you can contact the Oregon Workers' Compensation Division, Department of Consumer Business Services, 350 Winter Street N.E., Room 21, Salem, OR 97310. Their telephone number is 503-947-7815.

The Employment Insurance Notice is sent automatically by the Oregon Employment Department after an account is set up or reopened. You can order a duplicate notice by contacting the Employment Department, Unemployment Insurance Tax Unit, 875 Union Street N.E., Salem, OR 97311. Their forms hotline number is 503-947-1488, option 3.

Employers outside Oregon should check with your local state governments for a similar list of state posters and notices. You can begin your search at . If you want, we can send you a collection of federal posters. Simply send us an email, tell us know that you would like to receive the federal posters and let us know whether you would like the color or black and white version.

It is easy to violate state and federal employment poster requirements. Use the list above to check to see if you are in compliance. If you are missing one or more posters, send us an email and we will take care of you.

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