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ADA Compliance Tip

Do you have inaccessible door hardware, steps up to entry ways, narrow aisles or heavy doors that can create barriers for people with disabilities?

Common barriers such as these can prevent disabled customers from patronizing your business. Not only does this mean a loss of revenue from potentially loyal return customers and their friends and families, but it could also subject you to the costs of defending and potential liability from an ADA lawsuit.

I am happy to report that there is a simple, common sense, inexpensive, easy to install solution. Think of an over-sized, wireless doorbell. That is the approach of Inclusion Solutions and their BigBell TM wireless-alert system.

A large touch pad with the international symbol of accessibility can be attached to a business exterior at a height that can be reached by a person with a disability. When pressed, a signal is sent to a wireless unit inside the business. An audible signal then will sound so that an employee can go to the door to help the person enter the premises by holding otherwise inaccessible doors open or placing a ramp over a set of stairs.

To learn more, you can call Inclusion Solutions at 1-866-ADA-KITS or visit their website at

Our only interest in this product is the assistance it may provide to our clients. If you are interested, contact the manufacturer and ask them to verify that their BigBell product complies with ADA requirements.

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