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Warning – Counterfeit Bills Are Everywhere

There are more counterfeit $20 bills circulating than you may be aware. If you are caught with one of these in your pocket, you may be out $20. If your business frequently handles cash, you could be out substantially more.

Some local retailers are reporting an amazing number of counterfeit bills coming across their counters. Some are taking precautions, others are not.

There is an easy-to-use counterfeit detection pen you and your employees can use to verify genuine currency. It looks like a thin marker. Just draw a line across a suspect bill (such as any $20 bill or larger). If the line stays amber, the money is real. If the line turns black, the bill may be counterfeit.

The good news is these pens are cheap. Pens manufactured by Dri-Mark have a list price of $14.94 for a package of three pens. I have seen a three pack of these pens for as low as $7.34.

If you are worried about getting stuck with bogus bills, you may want to give the detector pens a try. You may just find, as others have found, there is more bad paper in circulation than you realize.

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