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Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.

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Required Employment Posters – Free

At the beginning of the year you are no doubt bombarded with solicitations for required state and federal employment posters. Some of the scare tactics used to sell these "one size fit all" posters for $85 or more might have caused you to consider purchasing their wares.

You do need to display appropriate employment posters but one size does not fit all and you do not need to spend $85. There are required federal posters and, for Oregon employers, there are posters required by the State of Oregon. The posters you are required to display depends upon the number of employees you have.

If you would like to know which notices your business is required to display and would like up-to-date posters with these notices, simply reply to this email and we will send you an employment poster package free of charge as our gift to you.

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