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Have You Ever Made a Hiring Mistake?

Attendees at last week's 59 Employment Law Tips in 59 Minutes seminar asked for strategies for obtaining references on job applicants to help avoid hiring mistakes. Unfortunately, rather than show businesses how they can give references without liability, many attorneys have simply told their clients to give nothing more than "name, rank and serial number."

Too often attorneys make decisions and render opinions to avoid fault rather than consider the true costs incurred and opportunities lost. If someone were to tally the cost of workplace disruptions, coworker aggravation, lost productivity, managerial expense, attorney fees and reduction in American competitiveness caused by hiring mistakes that could have been avoided by a simple job reference, the magnitude of this bad advice would be appalling.

My gift to you is an Employment Verification Consent form where you can have applicants authorize former employers to provide information and release the former employers from liability. Simply go to our Client Downloads page, click on Employer Downloads and click on the EmploymentVerification file to download. This Employment Verification Consent is a step in helping change this common business practice.

Clients using our Employment Verification Consent report that they are now receiving information on applicants from more and more former employers.

Finally, a flyer for my November 17, 2005 seminar, Claim Proofing Your Employee Handbook, is also available. We do hope that you or the appropriate person in your organization will join us for this free seminar. When hiring mistakes are made, your employee handbook policies can be crucial for correcting behavior and performance problems and for terminating those employees that do not work out.

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