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Don’t Get Spooked With A Halloween Lawsuit

Evil%20Pumpkin%2072dpi.jpgAre you hosting a Halloween party for your employees? Will you allow people to come to work next Wednesday (Halloween) dressed in costume? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, are you taking steps to prevent your business from being haunted by a lawsuit?

Halloween festivities can be a simple way to liven up your workplace, encourage interaction between co-workers and build a culture that helps you retain and attract top talent. Fun can be a fringe benefit that sets you apart from other employers.

With 33.8% of adults planning to dress in Halloween costumes this year (National Retail Federation survey), there will certainly be interesting attire in workplaces large and small.

If yours will be one of those workplaces, you should layout your ground rules in advance.

Do: Do notify your employees that provocative or revealing costumes are not appropriate.

Do: Do point out that what may be fun outside of work can cause problems with co-workers or customers at work.

Do: Do let your employees know that disturbing, gross or horror themed costumes might bother other co-workers or customers.

Do: Do inform your employees that religious themed costumes can offend others (even when there is no intention to do so).

Do: Do remind your employees that your policies against harassment apply to Halloween costumes and conduct.

Dont: Suggest to your employees that they don’t wear anything that they would feel uncomfortable wearing in front of their mother, grandmother or first grade teacher.

Don’t: Don’t rely on your employees’ common sense. You could be disappointed.

Have a safe, festive Halloween and make sure your employees avoid any tricks that ruin the fun for everyone.


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