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Proving Your Case Without Documents

Last week we talked about how to document agreements, events and expectations so that you can avoid disputes, What is The Hardest Case to Win?

But what do you do when it is too late, a dispute has arisen and there are no documents? You may find the following story amusing … 

A man went to his lawyer and told him, “My neighbor owes me $500 and he doesn’t want to pay up. What should I do?”

“Do you have any documentation?”
asked the lawyer.

replied the man.

“Okay, then write him a letter asking for the $1,000 he owes you,”
said the lawyer.

“But, it’s only $500,”
replied the man.

“Precisely. That’s what he will reply and we will have the documentation we need to nail him.”

Aaaaah … if only it were that easy.

Have a good weekend!

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