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LegalBriefs Change


With the new year comes changes to LegalBriefs. They started as an email newsletter to serve you and help us stay in touch with friends of our firm. We then added the LegalBriefs to our website so that you could find all of the past LegalBriefs in one location.

Now, LegalBriefs are evolving from an email newsletter to an Internet blog. As a blog, you the reader can now:


  • Comment on LegalBriefs entries.
  • Email LegalBriefs entries to others.
  • Print or save LegalBriefs entries.
  • Subscribe to LegalBriefs by RSS feeds.
  • Link to LegalBriefs entries.
  • Search for past LegalBriefs.
  • Submit your favorite LegalBriefs to social networking sites.


Of course, we will continue to send you periodic email summaries of LegalBriefs entries as you desire. 


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