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No Fooling: The U.S. is Looking for Employers to Prosecute

In a press release earlier today (April 1, 2010), the Secretary of Labor announced the launch of the department’s “We Can Help” campaign. The stated purpose is to encourage employees to file complaints against American employers.

Although employees will be encouraged to file all types of claims, it appears there is a focus on wage and hour claims. This is now the greatest litigation risk for employers. The amount of money employers have been ordered to pay in wage and hour cases surpass total amounts awarded in all of the different types of discrimination cases combined.

Even locally, there are attorneys that do nothing more than handle wage and hour claims. If you receive a letter from one of these attorneys, be careful. There are traps for the unwary that have cost local employers dearly.

If you are in the construction, janitorial, hotel/motel services, food services or home healthcare industries, be extra careful. The Secretary of Labor announced that special focus will be placed on reaching employees in your industry.

If you desire, you can read the DOL Press Release for yourself.

The threat of wage and hour claims against employers has grown over the last few years into the greatest threat now facing employers. That threat has been made even worse by the Secretary’s announcement.

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