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Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.

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2011 Employment Poster Guide

Are you displaying all of the state and federal employment posters required for 2011? Are you sure? If you purchased an all-in-one poster from a commercial source, the answer may be no.

At the beginning of each year (9 years now & counting), we assemble required posters for you and publish an employment poster guide. If you missed our current guide on our website, it is available at the link below.


The Missing Poster

An Oregon statute requires you to post information about Oregon’s employer gag rule. The state Labor Commissioner, however, has refused to publish a sample poster. Since there is no state sample, this requirement has been missed by commercial publishers. This does not matter. You still must post the required notice or you will violate the Oregon statute.

A notice you can use to comply with the gag rule is included in the current employment poster guide.


2011 Employment Poster Guide

Make sure you use our 2011 guide to check to make sure your posters are up-to-date. If they are not, simply download any new or updated poster you may need. This guide and the assembled posters are made available as our gift to you and to other Oregon businesses.

Click here to download the 2011 Employment Poster Guide.

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