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Manage FMLA Intermittent Leave | Prevent Abuse

Every good intention can be subject to abuse. The same is true with FMLA intermittent leave. A provision that allows employees to take a few hours off for doctor’s appointments or a day or two to care for a relative can be (and is being) abused for random work breaks.

These unscheduled, unplanned (by you) disruptions reduce efficiency, lower productivity and harm the morale of other employees. But then you know this.

Our clients tell us FMLA abuse can be a costly issue. They have brought us in to help with a number of problem employees.

There are steps you can take to restore sanity and certainty to FMLA leave in your workplace.

DO:  Do require medical certifications for all FMLA leave requests. No Exceptions.

DO:  Do require your employees to give you advance notice (when possible) of all leave requests, including intermittent leave. This may require that you revise your policies.

DO:  Do challenge intermittent leave requests that disrupt your operations and you can require employees to schedule leaves at times that work best for you.

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