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Stupid Manager Trick


LegalBriefs has discussed some of the dumb things employees do as a warning to employers. Now we have a manager that exposed his or her employer to negative publicity, a social media backlash and potential liability. Make sure your managers don’t make the same mistake.

Why a Military Veteran’s ‘Frustrating’ Job Interview With Macy’s Has the Internet in an Uproar


Discriminating against military veterans violates the United States Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). This act applies to all employers. If you have one employee, it applies to you.

Oregon also has a statute prohibiting discriminating based upon uniformed service. Like the federal USERRA, if you have one employee, it applies to you.

You don’t want your managers to make a similar mistake. Consider the action steps set out below.

Action Steps

1. Hiring Process. Make sure everyone involved in your hiring process is aware that discrimination against military veterans is prohibited by state and federal laws.

2. Supervisors & Managers. Make sure all of your managers and supervisors are aware that discriminating against military veterans is prohibited by state and federal law.

3. Eyes, Ears, Arms, Legs & Voice. Make sure that all of your managers and supervisors are aware that anything that they hear, see, say or do is as if it was heard, seen, said or done by your organization. They ARE your eyes, ears, arms, legs and voice.

4. State & Federal Employment Laws. Make sure that all of your supervisors and managers are aware of the 17 to 40 federal acts (depending on employee count and federal contractor status) and the 50 to 60 state statutes or series of statutes (depending on employee count) prohibiting discrimination and governing your workplace.

5. Low Employee Threshold. Be aware that most of the state and federal laws that are based upon employee count apply to employers with just 6 to 25 employees (only 3 require more than 25 employees).

6. Transparency. Remember, social media brings a new level of transparency to your organization. Anything you, your managers or your employees may say or do can be posted online and go viral with your customers, your prospects and your public.


Talk to your hiring managers. Talk to all of your managers and supervisors. Make sure they know what they can and cannot say and can and cannot do so they do not subject you to adverse publicity or legal liability.


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Stupid Employee Tricks

Stupid Employee Tricks 2


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