Employment Posters Guide

Download the 2018 employment posters required by State and Federal law for free.


2 Step Registration

Thank you for your interest in our webcast on Eugene's new sick leave ordinance. The webcast was hosted on the Spreecast service. There are two steps to registering for the webcast replay.

Step 1

Sign up with Spreecast so you can take advantage of their interactive features during the replay. Simply go to Spreecast (if are not aleady a member) & sign up (there should be a Sign up button in the upper right hand corner of the page). Spreecast may send you an email to complete the Sign up process. Check your spam filter if you do not see their email.

Step 2

Register with us so we can send you a link to this private webcast. Register here. A link to the replay will be emailed to you upon completion of this step.


That is it. We hope the information presented helps you make plans for your employees.